Snatch Customers Before Your Competitors Do!

Investing in direct mail for customer acquisition? Your competitors are! As their efforts become more proactive and strategic, how do you plan to attract those same customers before your competitors do? Here are three proven strategies for grabbing attention in the mailbox.

  1. Use dimensional mail.

In a stack of envelopes, a padded envelope, a package, or some other three-dimensional mailer gets attention. Usually, these are opened first. While dimensional mailers cost more than flat mailers, they get response rates that can make your mouth water. According to the Direct Marketing Association, dimensional mailers receive response rates 200% – 300% higher than flat mailers. So when your marketing ideas take shape, make it a literal shape!

  1. Try out unusual finishes, folds, and bindings.

Tangible elements are what make the print channel stand out. Consider using some of the many spot coatings, textured coatings, die cuts, pop-outs, and foldouts that your customers don’t see every day. If you have been meaning to investigate fresh new options and still haven’t had an excuse to do it, now you do.

  1. Try new mailing formats.

Not all mailing formats are created equal. There are many different formats available: postcards, folded mailers, mailers placed into envelopes, envelopes that are personalized, envelopes that are not personalized, window envelopes, and more. Envelopes and mailers can be different sizes, thicknesses, and colors. Experiment with colored substrates, clear envelopes, and on-envelope personalization.

It’s time to get noticed! If you need some ideas or want to test new formats, substrates, and finishing options, just ask.


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Use Personalization to Save on Postal Costs

As marketers, we live in a world of never-ending postal rate increases. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to offset those costs. To make the value even sweeter, those steps can make your marketing more effective, too.

Let’s look at a few of them.

  1. Clean up your database.

On average, businesses not using CASS address standardization find that up to 20% of their addresses are inaccurate or undeliverable (Experion). By using CASS certification, you can identify these addresses before mailing. The result is fewer returned pieces and cost savings up to 20%.

  1. Target your mailings.

Work with us to determine key customer groups. These might be your most active and inactive customers or segments based on customer preference or need. Target your communications rather than mailing to your entire customer base each time.

  1. Personalize kits or catalogs.

If you’re sending out large, undifferentiated kits, newsletters, or catalogs, mail only information relevant to each recipient. You see insurance companies, colleges and universities, and financial institutions doing this frequently now.

  1. Adjust design elements to reduce cost.

Start with database cleansing or targeting to reduce postal costs. You can also make design adjustments, such as switching from over-sized mailers to standard-sized postcards or reducing the weight of your stock. Keep in mind, however, that while this might save money, it might negatively impact your effectiveness, as well.

Nobody likes to pay more postage than they need to. Think of today’s postal expenses as an opportunity to push you out of your marketing box and do things in more targeted — and effective — ways.


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Interactivity Gets Results!

There is a reason pet stores put kittens and puppies into open cages in the center of the main aisle. Customers who reach out and pet them are more likely to buy one. The same concept also works in print.

People who interact with a printed piece are more likely to respond to its message. It’s why “create your own brochures” are so effective. It’s not only because the results are fully personalized to people’s needs, tastes, and wants. It’s also because, by creating the brochures themselves, people have a more vested interest in them.

Consider the example of personalized college brochures. Colleges and universities send out mailers to high school seniors in the target demographic, inviting them to a personalized URL where they can get more information on the school. Students select the course tracks, extra-curricular activities, and other information they are interested in. The school then prints and mails the personalized brochures, usually within the next 24–48 hours.

Not only are response rates higher than traditional campaigns, but the enrollment rates for the students who create personalized brochures are consistently higher, too.

There are lots of other ways to get people to interact with print. Recipients can lift a flap. Press a button. Scan a QR Code. Pull out a glued-on accordion-fold message panel. It doesn’t matter how they interact. What matters is that once they do, they are more likely to respond because they “own” part of the message. That generates results.

Talk to us about how you can create a more interactive component in your next 1:1 print marketing piece!


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Got Name and Address? You Can Personalize More Than You Think

Think you can’t personalize your print marketing because you only have a customer’s name and address? Think again. Here are three types of personalization you can deploy with just the name and address of your customer:

Personalized maps: Using just the recipient’s address, you can create personalized maps from their […] Continue Reading…

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Want More Sales? Drip It!

What is drip marketing? It is a powerful form of marketing in which marketers gradually “drip” content out to customers and prospects over time. Drip marketing includes a wide variety of channels, including direct mail, email, newsletters, and social media. It can be used for brand building, product introduction, […] Continue Reading…

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Inside “the Best of the Best”

How is a “best-in-class” marketer defined? What makes these companies different? According to the Aberdeen Group, best-in-class marketers are defined as being in the top 20% of industry performance in process, organization, industry knowledge, technology, and sales performance.

To find out what makes these best-in-class marketers so successful, Aberdeen surveyed […] Continue Reading…

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Can 1:1 Print Save You Money?

When we think of 1:1 marketing, we think about higher response rates, increased customer loyalty, and larger order sizes. But how about lowering the cost of business? Because marketers often think of personalization as increasing the cost per piece, the idea of using it to lower cost of business […] Continue Reading…

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Direct Mail Bloopers

When it comes to successful personalization, everything hinges on the database. It’s critical to keep your data clean and up to date. Here are some hilarious stories of what happens when you don’t. These true tales are taken from LinkedIn’s Direct Mail discussion group.

The California Department of Health sent […] Continue Reading…

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Have Regular Renewals? Use Trigger Marketing

Do you sell the kinds of products or services that are ordered on a cyclical basis or that renew according to a regular schedule? If so, you should consider sending simple, calendar-triggered reminders based on the customer’s purchase or service history to keep your revenues flowing.

Auto dealerships use this […] Continue Reading…

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One-Two Punch Delivers Results

Want to increase the results of your direct mail campaigns? Try a combination of print and email. It’s a powerful “one, two” punch that can really deliver.

Why would having an email address make such a difference? Let’s look at three reasons.

Customers who provide email addresses tend to be more […] Continue Reading…

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