Switching from Static to Personalized Makes Results Soar

With consumers squarely in charge of product research long before they ever contact your company, content marketing is more important than ever. One of the most important forms of content marketing is the customer newsletter—and more and more are moving to personalized editorial.

What happens to results if you switch from a general-education newsletter to a fully personalized one? One community-based healthcare system found out. After sending a traditional newsletter for years, it began matching the content to what it knew of patients’ health conditions. Personalized content ranged from advances in treatments to schedules for clinical trials.

After about a year, the healthcare system conducted a readership survey to find out how the new approach was being received. The results?

  • 93% of respondents felt the articles were relevant and of interest.
  • 73% read the entire newsletter every time it came in the mail.
  • 77% said it was easier and quicker to read.
  • 95% said they became aware of services that were previously unknown.

Not only did the healthcare system solidify its relationship with existing patients, but nearly every one of those patients learned about some of the provider’s services they didn’t know about before. Imagine the impact on revenues!

Not every marketer can track to this level of detail, but there are many simple, cost-effective steps you can use to monitor your marketing effectiveness too. Personalized URLs, barcodes (visible and invisible), discount codes, and multiple landing pages for various iterations of the same campaign are all ways to track and measure results.

Talk to us about converting your content marketing into personalized content marketing!

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4 Steps to Deepening Customer Loyalty

Your customers are your most precious assets, so here are some great ideas for hanging onto them. In this post, we want to look specifically at how 1:1 printing can be used to increase customer loyalty and achieve your marketing goals.

  1. Get to know your customers.

The more you know about your customers, the more relevant you can make your communications. When customers see you put forth this effort, this increases their sense that you value them. Send customer surveys and feedback requests that give your customers the opportunity to talk back to you. Pre-fill any response forms or use personalized URLs to make response easy. (Hint: Customers like easy!)

  1. Use what you learn to improve your products and services.

Send follow-ups, letting your customers know what changes you are making based on their feedback. Imagine how they would feel receiving a personalized note from you, saying, “Jamie, in a recent survey, 10% of our customers said they wanted to see a new flavor of potato chips. We heard you! Introducing FlavorBlast Max!”

  1. Recover from problems with grace and respect.

If one of your customers has a problem, take responsibility and go over and above to address it. Follow up with a personalized note or card. Address them by name and offer a personalized discount to apologize for their trouble.

  1. Do everything you can to maintain customer trust, advocacy, and loyalty.

The more you communicate with your customers, the more they know you care. This creates a sense of trust. People want to do business with companies they trust, and they tend to recommend companies they trust to others.

Creating a strategy to nurture customer loyalty doesn’t have to be hard. Talk to us about using 1:1 printing to get you started.

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Highlight Color Brings in the Dollars

While color is a powerhouse in any type of marketing, you don’t always have to use four-color process to improve your response rates. In fact, the State of California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) shows that strategically placed highlight color can result in huge bottom line benefits, too.

The California FTB produces more than 14 million personal income tax returns each year. It used to send out standard tax notices, but it found that many taxpayers found them confusing. Taxpayers didn’t know what they needed to do, how much to pay, or where to send the payment. The result was slow payments and expensive volumes of calls to FTB’s call centers.

The FTB decided to do something different. It added highlight color to its contact letters and personalized its messaging to explain exactly what action each taxpayer needed to take. Key information was displayed in blue, guiding recipients through the document and giving them specific instructions.

The result? Faster payments and fewer mistakes. This translated into millions in additional interest income and, at an average cost of $15 per call to the call center, significant savings from reduced call center contacts.

The takeaway? Color boosts your profitability, not just in your graphics, but in your messaging, too. Let us help you make strategic decisions about how to use color to make you money and save you money, too!


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Design Campaigns Like Award-Winners!

Have you ever wondered what goes into an award-winning marketing campaign? Sometimes it’s crackerjack copy. Sometimes it’s stunning images. Increasingly, however, it’s the smart integration of multiple elements, from creative to media selection. Let’s look at five components of award-winning campaigns here.

Multiple media, including print. Marketing campaigns using […] Continue Reading…

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Have You “Touched” Your Customers Recently?

How often do you reach out and “touch” your customers with some kind of marketing contact? Only when you are selling something? Or when it’s time to send a bill? If so, then you need to rethink your strategy. Successful marketers have regular contact with their customers, whether they […] Continue Reading…

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Can Boosting Response Rates Be This Simple?

When marketers think about successful 1:1 campaigns, they think about factors such as the creative, the offer, the mailing list, and the selection of 1:1 variables. But there is another, even simpler step that you can take to boost response rates.

Provide multiple response mechanisms. Yes, it’s that simple. Give […] Continue Reading…

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Boost Customer Loyalty with Surveys

One of the best uses of your marketing dollars is to protect your existing customer base. You’ve worked hard to earn their loyalty. Now you want to keep it. Consider the benefits of utilizing customer surveys.

Let’s look at an example. A regional grocery store chain was experiencing increased competition […] Continue Reading…

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Too Good to Be True? Amazing Marketing Channel Does It All!

Quick! Name a marketing channel that does the following amazing things:

Offers a massive 8.5” user interface — double the size of a tablet — and is expandable to 15”.
Provides crystal clear images that load instantaneously. No lag time!
Requires no cables or wires.
Comes pre-installed with thousands of applications.
Has infinite battery […] Continue Reading…

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What is Your Brand Identity?

What is your company’s brand identity? Do you even know? Whether you realize it or not, all of the choices you make, from the colors on your business card to the graphics on your mailer, create a brand identity in the eyes of your customers and prospects. Let’s look […] Continue Reading…

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Look at Value Over a Lifetime

When you think about evaluating the success of a 1:1 printing campaign, how long a window do you use to determine the dollars it generated? Do you cut it off after a week? A month? Several months? What about the lifetime of the customer?

Lifetime customer value (LCV) is an […] Continue Reading…

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