Are Your Response Incentives and Marketing Goals Properly Matched?

When prospecting, many marketers use some kind of incentive to boost response. But let’s face it. Not all incentives are created equal. To be successful, you need to put as much thought into the incentive as you do into your list, your creative and your message. You also need to match the value of the incentive to how much the response is worth to you.

When one company wanted to add more value-added resellers, for example (something in which even bringing on one more could bring in millions over time), it offered a sweepstakes featuring a trip to the Caribbean. When another wanted to access high-level executives, it offered remote control cars personalized with the recipient’s name.

Just because your incentive has a high dollar value, however, doesn’t mean that it’s the right incentive. For example, you might not want to give away free digital cameras to a camera-savvy audience that most likely already has one — or three. Instead, you might want to offer something more unusual, such as a digital picture frame that attaches to a key ring.

Also keep in mind that an incentive doesn’t need to cost a lot to be highly motivating. One marketer used the “hook” during its Christmastime promotion of allowing respondents to help select the charity to receive its end-of-year donation. Others have given away free saplings to environmentally conscious prospects around Earth Day. The point is to match the incentive to your specific audience. One size doesn’t fit all.

Need some help with incentive ideas? Talk to us about getting the right match for your next campaign.

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Multichannel Marketing Means Mobile Optimization

According to data from Campaign Monitor, more email is now opened on a mobile phone than any other device.  Here is a look at email activity in 2013:

  • 41% mobile
  • 28% desktop
  • 22% webmail

This data is based on more than 1.8 billion email opens with nearly 22 billion email recipients. Hubspot also notes that 69% of mobile users delete emails that aren’t optimized for mobile.

This is data no marketer can afford to ignore. If you’re including email in your multichannel marketing, you need to think about the mobile user experience whether you want to or not.

Test your emails on multiple mobile platforms. Is the layout easy to view on a mobile phone? Or is it too cluttered when viewed on the smaller screen? Can users find what they are looking for?

Here are three tips for optimizing email for mobile:

  1. Reduce image file sizes. If they’re too big, they won’t load easily (or at all).
  2. Resize images to fit the format of mobile phones. If images are cut off on the edges and readers have to scroll around, the experience is ruined.
  3. Increase the size of links and call to action buttons. If users can’t find them, they can’t click them.

Of course, ensure that your company’s website is optimized for mobile, as well. If recipients click through the links, will they land on a mobile-optimized page? Or will they be sent to your regular corporate website? If so, what will their experience be like when they get there? You want that user experience to stay positive across all channels.

Want to integrate email into your next print marketing campaign and take advantage of the power of cross-channel communications? Give us a call!


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Unusual Twists on Nonprofit Fundraising

Print newsletters are the default communications tactic for nonprofits. But other elements can yield tremendous benefits for nonprofits, as well.

If the goal is community engagement and advocacy, you might produce an annual report or a community report card. If the goal is promotional, you might use postcards, flyers, invitations and event programs. If you want to get in front of new donors, you might consider integrating alternative techniques that gain attention in fresh and surprisingly ways.

What are some of those alternative techniques?

Table tents: Table tents can be powerful tools. Develop a creative tagline to communicate your distinctive competence, then illustrate how the reader can help. Distribute tents in high-traffic areas where people have a minute to read your message, such as restaurant and retail counters.

Hang tags: Partner with a grocer or retailer to place hang tags on popular products. The association with a well-known brand gives your organization instant credibility.

“Gift” catalogs: Give benefactors a tangible idea of how donations are being used. A hunger relief organization might “sell” cereal, bread, or a family dinner, with “prices” corresponding to the cost of supplying these items to those in need. World Vision’s Christmas 2014 Gift Catalog allowed supporters to purchase goats, chickens, and ducks for Third World communities to provide both sustainable food sources and merchant opportunities.

These are not products we normally see associated with nonprofits donations, and that’s what makes them so effective. It takes more than clever advertisements to inspire your stakeholders to action. It takes creativity, too.

But beware of using these alternative techniques in a silo-ed fashion. Integrate them into an overall marketing strategy. Include measurable outcomes to keep your staff focused and results-driven. By building in accountability, you will ensure that your board members become your most ardent marketing allies.


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Switching from Static to Personalized Makes Results Soar

With consumers squarely in charge of product research long before they ever contact your company, content marketing is more important than ever. One of the most important forms of content marketing is the customer newsletter—and more and more are moving to personalized editorial.

What happens to results if you switch […] Continue Reading…

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4 Steps to Deepening Customer Loyalty

Your customers are your most precious assets, so here are some great ideas for hanging onto them. In this post, we want to look specifically at how 1:1 printing can be used to increase customer loyalty and achieve your marketing goals.

Get to know your customers.

The more you […] Continue Reading…

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Highlight Color Brings in the Dollars

While color is a powerhouse in any type of marketing, you don’t always have to use four-color process to improve your response rates. In fact, the State of California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) shows that strategically placed highlight color can result in huge bottom line benefits, too.

The California FTB […] Continue Reading…

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Design Campaigns Like Award-Winners!

Have you ever wondered what goes into an award-winning marketing campaign? Sometimes it’s crackerjack copy. Sometimes it’s stunning images. Increasingly, however, it’s the smart integration of multiple elements, from creative to media selection. Let’s look at five components of award-winning campaigns here.

Multiple media, including print. Marketing campaigns using […] Continue Reading…

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Have You “Touched” Your Customers Recently?

How often do you reach out and “touch” your customers with some kind of marketing contact? Only when you are selling something? Or when it’s time to send a bill? If so, then you need to rethink your strategy. Successful marketers have regular contact with their customers, whether they […] Continue Reading…

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Can Boosting Response Rates Be This Simple?

When marketers think about successful 1:1 campaigns, they think about factors such as the creative, the offer, the mailing list, and the selection of 1:1 variables. But there is another, even simpler step that you can take to boost response rates.

Provide multiple response mechanisms. Yes, it’s that simple. Give […] Continue Reading…

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Boost Customer Loyalty with Surveys

One of the best uses of your marketing dollars is to protect your existing customer base. You’ve worked hard to earn their loyalty. Now you want to keep it. Consider the benefits of utilizing customer surveys.

Let’s look at an example. A regional grocery store chain was experiencing increased competition […] Continue Reading…

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