InfoTrends Report: Personalization Works!

Looking for proof that personalization works? An InfoTrends study of the marketing communication needs (including printing and variable data) of various businesses finds that marketing efforts featuring a higher level of personalization complexity results in a higher return on investment.

The survey of over 1,000 large businesses across 10 different vertical industries found that more than 60% of respondents’ campaigns were personalized or segmented. ¬†Response rates went up as the campaigns included more channels and become more complex.

Print-only campaigns achieved an average response rate of 6.0%, while print combined with personalized URLs achieved an average response rate of 7.6%.  Adding email increased response rates to 8.2%. Adding mobile increased them to 8.7%. Evidence that more channels = more results!

The report also found that conversion rates were higher in a multi-channel mix. Print alone achieved an average conversion rate of 16.2%, while the combination of print, email, personalized URLs. Mobile achieved an average conversion rate of 19.0%.

The takeaway? If you want better results, personalize your marketing message. If you want outstanding results, use multiple channels to sweep non-responders into the sales funnel and reinforce the message over time.

Campaign Response Rate Conversion Rate
Print Only 6.0% 16.2%
Print and Email 7.6% 18.3%
Print and PURLs 7.6% 15.3%
Print, Email and PURLs 8.2% 16.5%
Print, Email, PURLs and Mobile 8.7% 19.0%
Source: InfoTrends, 2012

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