QR Code Use Continues to Rise

The use of QR Codes, or those square-shaped mobile barcodes in print and email marketing that provide instantaneous access to online videos, coupons, and other marketing content, continues to grow.

According to Scanbuy, which processes 21 million of the 105 million mobile barcode scans each year, QR Code scanning is up 1300% from one year ago (Q2 2013 vs. Q2 2012). Consumers are now scanning at a rate of 3x per month on average, up 22% from one year earlier.

What are they looking for? According to Scanbuy’s “Q2 2013 Mobile Barcode Trend Report,” consumers are most likely to scan for video, app downloads, product information, social media, and the latest news.

Food and beverage, wireless, retail, print, and toys are the most likely market verticals to have QR Codes scanned. Of course, QR Codes are powerful tools in every vertical, but if you’re in one of these, take special notice!

QR Codes cost nothing to produce, and you can add them to your print and online marketing just like any other image. The trick to success is understanding how and when to use them and how to pair them with the right content on the back end so that viewers turn into buyers who take action.

Need help? We’d be happy to discuss the best use of QR Codes for your marketing projects.


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