Going Postal: News You Need is brought to you by fmi direct, inc.

Pat Formica founded fmi in 1981. Her goal? To form an organization that could react quickly to her clients needs. Today, three generations of Formicas continue her vision, fmi is an organization that is quick, responsive and whose number one priority is to help our clients be more profitable.

Operating out of a modern facility of over 100,000 square feet with nearly 100 employees, fmi provides all direct marketing services under one roof. This saves our clients time and helps eliminates production errors. Our postage analysis program and an on-site postal facility speeds the processing of your mail and takes advantage of all available savings.

fmi continually reviews our procedures and processes to better serve you. In 2005, we introduced Production-Based Design — a service that manages your direct mail campaign from concept through production, making your project more time and cost-efficient. We have helped clients increase responses rates as much as 22% and decrease postage costs as much as 10%.

As for fmi’s future, our clients’ profitability will always drive our growth and progress.



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