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Are You Top of Mind?

Quick! Name a soft drink. Chances are you thought of Coke or Pepsi. These beverage giants have spent millions in advertising with the goal of being top of mind among consumers from age five to ninety-five—and they have been very successful at doing it.

Top-of-mind-awareness, or TOMA, is a traditional measure of marketing effectiveness. It strongly correlates to brand preference, which correlates to increased market share. Here are a few ways to achieve “top of mind” awareness in your product marketplace.

Find your unique selling proposition. Consider what makes your company special. Is it market niche? Exceptional service? Highly targeted products and services? Clearly articulate this value proposition to your prospects, and make this value proposition simple and easy to remember.

Be proactive. While a one-time advertising blitz can get your message out quickly to a large number of prospects, TOMA requires a drip marketing approach — a consistent delivery of messaging over time. So keep it coming.

Use consistent branding. Everything from your customer literature to your e-newsletters should have consistent messaging and similar look and feel. One brand, one message.

Use multiple touches and multiple channels. Stay in front of your audience using multiple channels over time. Awareness is based on repetition.

Be useful. Frequency doesn’t have to mean being annoying. You want your customers to perceive you as a provider of useful information rather than an intrusive pest.  Communicate information frequently, but give your audience genuine value each time.

Never before have consumers had so many choices. TOMA should be a top goal of your marketing efforts. It will help customers notice you in a noisy marketplace, increasing customer retention and response rates.


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